Ant, a small insect. Ants are noted for the complex societies in which most of them live. They are often cited as symbols of thrift and industry, because many species seem tireless in their activity and store large quantities of food. The study of ants has appealed to naturalists since ancient times. Children often keep ant colonies to observe their activities. Ants are found in nearly all parts of the world except the polar regions.

Ants that live underground create tunnels that permit air to circulate through the soil, thereby making the soil more productive and benefiting agriculture. Some kinds of ants kill certain insect pests that feed on crops. Many kinds of ants are themselves pests; they invade houses and warehouses in search of food, and can destroy plants, including crops. Chemical insecticides are used to kill ants.

AntsAnts are small, six-legged insects that can grow up to two inches long.