10 Animals With Better Jobs Than You

Twiggy, the famous water-skiing squirrel, gets in some practice runs before her shows at the Toronto International Boat Show. That's one animal with a better job than yours. Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

People often say they're working like a dog. Usually it means they're working very hard for little reward. But some dogs have all the luck. They make lots of money working on TV or in advertising. Moose, the Jack Russell terrier who played Eddie on the television show "Frasier," pulled in a cool $10,000 per episode for his work, which was likely quite enjoyable and not all that taxing [source: Dingman].

And it's not just dogs that have it so well. Cats, horses, pigs, monkeys, dolphins, bears and even whales may also work in TV or movies. Beyond the entertainment industry, some animals perform richly satisfying jobs, such as providing companionship or therapy to ill, aging or disabled folks. Or they may offer assistance to those with, say, visual or auditory impairments, or assist with scientific endeavors (we're not talking lab rats). These animals might not earn a cent, but they're very much loved.

Is your own job starting to pale in comparison? Let's see if one of these 10 animals has (or had) a job you would covet.