10 Animals With Better Jobs Than You

Jocko Flocko
Tim Flock wins the NASCAR Grand National race on the Daytona Beach Road course on Feb. 27, 1955. This was after he ditched Jocko Flocko. ISC Archives via Getty Images

A lot of people dream of being a NASCAR driver. Jocko Flocko, a Rhesus monkey, got to be the next best thing — a NASCAR co-driver. The year was 1953. Stock car racer Julius Timothy Flock, aka Tim Flock, decided to race with a monkey as a gimmick. Flock nicknamed his pint-sized co-driver "Jocko Flocko" and outfitted him with his own uniform (No. 91). He even gave him a custom-designed seat [source: Tim Flock].

Jocko sped around the track with Flock during eight exciting races. Unfortunately, Jocko wasn't destined to make this new job a permanent career. Flock explains on his website what happened: "Back then the cars had a trap door that we could pull open with a chain to check our tire wear. Well, during the Raleigh 300, Jocko got loose from his seat and stuck his head through the trap door, and he went berserk! Listen, it was hard enough to drive those heavy old cars back then under normal circumstances, but with a crazed monkey clawing you at the same time, it becomes nearly impossible! I had to come into the pits to put him out and ended up third. The pit stop cost me second place and a $600.00 difference in my paycheck. Jocko was retired immediately. I had to get that monkey off my back!"

Flock, meanwhile, went on to an illustrious career as a two-time NASCAR Grand National Champion and the only driver to win in every NASCAR division on Daytona Beach [source: Tim Flock].