10 Myths About Spiders

The Average Person Swallows Eight Spiders Per Year While Sleeping
Just because people eat fried spiders in Cambodia doesn't mean you want them sneaking into your mouth while you slumber. Tim Whitby/Getty Images

Perhaps, we should be looking at this as any easy way to get some nutrition while also catching some zzzzs. People eat fried spiders in Cambodia and, if you scour the Internet, you can find some interesting recipes for battered tarantula. Turns out that if you want to chow down on a spider, you're probably going to have to catch it yourself.

Despite popular belief, it's exceedingly rare for a person to swallow one spider while sleeping, let alone the eight creatures we're said to take down each year. Indoor spiders spend their time staying out of humans' way, either sculpting their webs or kicking back in the dark corners of a room and waiting for lunch to come along. Unless you have bed bugs — which could also be the source of a suspected spider bite — spiders aren't likely to hop in the sack with you. There's no lunch source awaiting [source: Sneed].

That's not to mention the physiological problems with the spider-swallowing myth. A person sleeping with his or her mouth open is probably snoring. The sound of cutting lumber coming out of a large body is probably enough to scare off most spiders [source: Sneed].