10 Fun Games for Kids and Dogs

Doggie Dancing

Your kids might not know that Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers liked to cut up a rug, or that John Travolta knew his way around the disco in "Saturday Night Fever," but they might enjoy dancing with their dog.

Doggie dancing is one of the newest, and perhaps coolest, activities humans and canines can do with one another. With just one search on YouTube and you can see that it looks like a ton of fun and is quite a craze -- one dancing dog video has 10.8 million views. The object is for your child (and you, if you want) to dance with your dog. Whether they're dancing the rumba, cha cha or the flamenco, the dogs don't have two left paws like most men.

Doggie dancing takes patience and time. It's not as easy as fetching a stick. However, doggie dancing lets your child use their imagination as they plan and choreograph the dance steps they would like to do with their pet. There are even doggie dancing competitions, and one lady has the dream of making it an Olympic sport [source: Leider]. She might be barking up the wrong tree.

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