5 Games Kids Can Play with Cats


Make Music

Some cats might show an interest in certain tunes by coming into the room where they're playing, meowing or even caterwauling along. Other cats have been known to curl up on top of stereo speakers to feel the soothing beat. And you don't have to search long on YouTube to find a cat playing the piano. Some animal behaviorists believe that certain sounds imitate feline noises, which might explain why many cats show an interest when musical notes are played [source: Lang].

Ask your child to help you discover if your feline has a musician's ear by planning a soundtrack for your cat's regularly scheduled playtime. Allow your child to select the music and consider introducing a new toy, like a pole with a string and fuzzy lure on one end, that your little one can use to play with kitty, moving it to the beat. If you have a piano or keyboard, see if your cat shows an interest by slowly introducing him to the instrument. Let your cat explore the area and play a few of the keys to get his reaction. It won't take long for you and your child to know if your cat is the next Chopin.