5 Medium-sized Family Dogs


Border Collie

The Border Collie doing what it does best -- herding some animals.
The Border Collie doing what it does best -- herding some animals.

The Border collie raises your family's IQ but as well as its work ethic. This dog is an extremely smart, hard-working and task-oriented breed. The Border collie is loyal and can be good with children. It's also wary of strangers, making it a good family watchdog.

However, while the Border collie may be a good family dog, it's not good for every family. This dog is high maintenance -- it needs training, stimulation and plenty of exercise. Without these, this pet can be destructive or hyperactive.

A Border collie is best with older kids who won't chase their pet. Why? This dog herds anything that moves, including a playful child. The Border collie will head off a running child, in an effort to corral him. This can frighten a child. It also creates a continuous cycle -- dog chases child; child runs faster; the frustrated collie nips or bites the child in get him in line.

Space is also a must for this dog; it won't do well in an apartment. Give your Border collie room to roam, but be sure it's a fenced area. With this dog's herding nature, you could lose your pet to a speeding car without an enclosure.

So, who is the right family for a border collie? If you're an experienced dog owner with time and energy to devote to a pet, have older children, and a home with outdoor space, you may have found your match.