How to Give First Aid to Your Dog

How to Treat a Dog That Has Hypothermia

Exposure to either cold water or freezing temperatures can cause hypothermia, or subnormal body temperatures. A dog's survival will depend on how low its body temperature drops.

A dog's normal body temperature is 100 to 101 degrees Fahrenheit/38 degrees Celsius. If it drops below 90 degrees Fahrenheit/32 degrees Celsius for any length of time, normal bodily functions will be severely impaired.


The signs of hypothermia include depression, subnormal body temperature, and coma. This condition always requires veterinary attention as soon as possible. Use the following tips to help you provide proper care to a dog suffering from hypothermia.

Step 1: Warm the dog.

Step 1a: Place a hot water bottle (100 degrees Fahrenheit/37 degrees Celsius) against the dog's abdomen. Wrap the bottle in a cloth to prevent burns. Wrap the dog in a blanket or jacket.

Step 2: Transport the dog immediately to the veterinarian.

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