How to Make a Doggie Diaper

There are various reasons your dog may require a diaper.

It may be that your dog is getting older and is becoming incontinent, your dog may have a weak bladder and be unable to hold its urine for long periods of time, your female dog may be in heat or you might be afraid that your carpet and furniture will be ruined by urine while you are training your dog. Doggie diapers that are available in stores are rather costly. One alternative to buying doggie diapers is to make your own by converting a child's diaper. It's quick and you'll save lots of money. All you need is a child's diaper and a pair of scissors. [source: walnut creek]


  1. Weigh your dog before you go shopping. Most diapers are sized by weight, so this will help you buy a child's diaper that will fit your dog.
  2. Open the diaper you purchased by its tab fasteners (which are located on the back part of the diaper) and place it on a flat surface with the padding facing up. The back part will go over your dog's back.
  3. Find the spot where the thickness of the padding changes, becoming thinner.
  4. Just above the point where the thick part of the padding ends, cut an "X" in the diaper. Make sure the hole you create is large enough to accommodate your dog's tail.
  5. Pull the diaper over the dog's tail and place the back panel of the diaper (where the tabs are located) on your dog's back.
  6. Secure the diaper by placing its front panel between your dog's legs and then fastening the tabs from the back panel over the front panel. [source: daily puppy] //]]]]> ]]>