Animal Face Off: Hippos vs. Bull Sharks (and More)
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Animal Face-Off: Alligator vs. Black Bear
The American alligator uses its formidable jaws to crush turtles, but find out how it will fare against another Florida native. Black bears are incredibly powerful and can be downright nasty as you'll see in this video from "Animal Face-Off."
Animal Face-Off: Anaconda vs. Jaguar
Growing to more than 30 feet long and weighing 300 pounds, the anaconda is the largest snake on the planet. Pound for pound, the jaguar is more muscular than a tiger or a lion. Find out which of these creatures rules the jungle in "Animal Face-Off."
Animal Face-Off: Crocodile vs. Great White Shark
The saltwater crocodile is the largest reptile on the planet. The great white shark is the world's largest predatory shark. Saltwater crocodiles usually live in northern Australian rivers and offshore is where a saltwater croc could meet a great white.
Animal Face-Off: Gorilla vs. Leopard
A gorilla expert and a tiger wrangler reveal the remarkable strengths and weaknesses of these awesome animals in "Animal Face-Off." The gorilla possesses incredible physical strength and intelligence, while the agile leopard is a perfect predator.
Animal Face-Off: Hippo vs. Bull Shark
Hippos are reported to kill more humans than any other animal in Africa. Bull sharks are blamed for more attacks on humans than any other species of shark. When a hungry bull shark hones in on a hippo for a meal, the stage is set for a mighty fight.
Animal Face-Off: Lion vs. Croc
More than 500 pounds of brawn and bad attitude, the lion was born to hunt and fight. An ambush predator with a fierce bite, the Nile crocodile is 18 feet long and 2,500 pounds of muscle and menace. Combatants face-off at the watering hole.
Animal Face-Off: Lion vs. Tiger
Everyone knows that lions live in Africa and tigers live in Asia, right? Wrong. The world's last population of Asiatic lions live in northern India, 200 miles away from the nearest tigers. How did these two apex predators choose their different habitats?
Animal Face-Off: Polar Bear vs. Walrus
Standing on hind legs, a large male polar bear is as tall as an elephant. This carnivore can flip a 500-pound seal out of the water with one arm and kill a beluga whale with a single blow. But is the polar bear a match for a 4,000-pound walrus?
Animal Face-Off: Rhino vs. Elephant
A true battle of the titans. To discover which of these awesome beasts is the supreme heavyweight, zoologist, Dave Salmoni and veterinarian Ellen Rogers conduct a series of groundbreaking tests to evaluate the remarkable powers of the elephant and rhino.
Animal Face-Off: Wolf vs. Cougar
Peggy Callahan is known for her work in reintroducing wolves to the wild; Ellen Rogers is a wildlife veterinarian who specializes in predators. Along with expert Jonathan Wiersma, they reconstruct the predation techniques of the cougar and wolf.