10 Superhero Powers of the Animal Kingdom

Spit Takedown
The archerfish fires away with its impeccable aim. A. & J. Visage/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The Cyclops of the piscine world, an archerfish (any one of the family Toxotidae) can target and hunt an enemy with serious precision. But while Marvel's Cyclops shoots optic blasts from his eyes that knock out nemeses, an archerfish has an arguably less elegant weapon of choice: a finely aimed stream of spit-out water that can take down villains.

What's so extraordinary about a spitting fish? Consider this: The archerfish hangs out at the surface of a body of water and is looking up at an insect above the water. The archerfish has to somehow compensate for the refraction of the water and the angle it's shooting at, since the fish don't hang out directly under their prey [source: Dill].

What happens is an impressive feat: The archerfish aims its jet so carefully that a tiny insect is struck prone, and the aquatic sharpshooter is there to catch it at the direct landing spot. ZAP, indeed.