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black rhinoceros
Beverly Joubert/Getty Images
Black rhinos are endangered. See more endangered animal pictures.

News about the environment is dismal these days. Air pollution is threatening the survival of plants and animals and the welfare of people around the world. Millions of acres of forests have been burnt in the last three decades, costing a huge number of lives and a tremendous amount of money. By the year 2025, up to two-thirds of the world's population is predicted to experience water shortages. And every day, loss of habitat, illegal trade, over-hunting, and economic development destroy wildlife to a greater extent.

Is there anyone doing anything to address these issues and save us from global disaster? Discover why, where, and how WWF, or "The Conservation Organization," is keeping our world's natural resources safe from loss, destruction and waste.

Find out what you can do to take positive action on behalf of the planet.