10 Weird Facts About Lobsters

Relationships Last About Two Weeks
Lobsters love to fight and female lobsters adore the most aggressive one in the bunch. Here's a lobster in his fighting stance. Geoff Brightling/Dorling Kindersley/Getty Images

In a 1996 episode of the sitcom "Friends," the character Phoebe compared Ross and Rachel's turbulent romance to those of lobsters, stating, "It's a known fact that lobsters fall in love and mate for life." There are earlier examples of this theory as well, but it's simply not true. As we mentioned before, a female lobster visits the most dominant male in the neighborhood and entices him into mating by peeing in his shelter. After several visits, the male gets the message and lobster love ensues. First the female has to disrobe, err, molt. After the deed is done, she hangs around until her shell has re-grown, then takes off. The whole rendezvous takes between 10 days and two weeks [source: Markey].

But then another female comes by and does the same thing. And another... and another ... until all the female lobsters around have mated with the dominant male lobster. So instead of mating for life, lobsters are serial monogamists, having one exclusive, but very short-term, relationship after another [source: Markey]. If you're a fan of "Friends" you know that Ross and Rachel did eventually end up together -- after 10 seasons and numerous other relationships.