Glass Catfish

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Glass Catfish -- kryptopterus bicirrhisSee more aquarium fish pictures.
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Scientific name: Kryptopterus bicirrhis

Although popular, the Glass Catfish, which grows to four inches, is not as hardy as many other aquarium fish. It must be kept in a group in a spacious tank with subdued lighting. The water temperature should be in the range of 72º to 82º Fahrenheit, with a pH between 6.0 and 7.5 and moderately soft to mildly hard water. In addition to flake and freeze-dried foods, live brine shrimp should be offered on a regular basis.


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Remarkably, this species is almost transparent. Its internal organs are crowded together at the front of the body and are clearly visible. A midwater swimmer, the Glass Catfish is most comfortable hiding in vegetation, so an abundance of plants may reduce stress.

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