How to Treat a Cat That Has Been Sprayed by a Skunk

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Cats are very playful in the outdoors. They will interact with anything that comes in their way. Unfortunately, when cats come upon a skunk, the cat loses the battle. A bad smell isn't the only concern for your cat in this encounter. Skunks are one of the major carriers of rabies in North America.

If your cat has been sprayed by a skunk, use the following cat care tips:


Step 1: Approach the cat carefully. If your cat is nervous or anxious, restrain the cat if necessary.

Step 2: Flush the cat's eyes with fresh water.

Step 3: Remove and destroy all of the cat's collars and harnesses.

Step 4: Bathe the cat thoroughly with soap and water. Rinse the cat thoroughly. Repeat the process several times.

Step 5: Apply plain tomato juice liberally. After several minutes, bathe the cat again with soap and water. Time will eventually remove the odor. Skunk odor neutralizers are available in stores.

Step 6: If the skunk is destroyed, take it to the veterinarian for a rabies examination. Do not touch the skunk with your bare hands.

Step 7: If the cat is not currently vaccinated for rabies, contact the veterinarian.

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