How to Treat a Cat With a Fishhook Embedded in its Body

A ginger cat with a wound on its face.
Get your cat to the vet if they have a fish hook stuck in any body part. Elizabeth Livermore / Getty Images

Cats like the taste of fish, so they seem like a logical pair. But cats and fishhooks are a dangerous combination. If your cat gets caught in a fishhook, it's important to do what you can to ease his or her pain immediately. Use the following cat care tips if your cat has an unfortunate connection to a fishhook:

Step 1: If the hook is in the cat's tongue or roof of the mouth, or near the eye, do not attempt to remove it. Transport the cat to the veterinarian immediately.


Step 2: Approach the cat carefully. If your cat is nervous or anxious, restrain the cat if necessary.

Step 3: Using pliers, push the hook through the skin so all the barbs are exposed.

Step 4: When the barbed end is exposed, cut it off with wire cutters.

Step 5: After the barbs have been removed, pull the hook back through the way it entered.

Step 6: Clean the wound thoroughly with cotton balls liberally moistened with 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Do not use any other antiseptic.

Step 7: Watch for infection.

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