5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained on a Long Car Trip


Pet Friendly Hotels

A sight like this one is bound to relax any road tripping pet owner.
A sight like this one is bound to relax any road tripping pet owner.
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­One great way to entertain your pets on a long car drive is to stay someplace they can be themselves once the day is done. Cats and dogs often feel uncomfortable out of their home element, so finding some pet friendly accommodations is a must. Many hotels are pet friendly, but you should check ahead of time to make sure. Finding a pet-friendly hotel is important for two reasons. First, you'l­l have a stress free night of relaxation after a long day behind the wheel. Since a pet can pick up on its master's stress, this goes a long way toward ensuring that your pet will be relaxed as well. The other benefit is that most traveling pet owners take advantage of pet-friendly hotels, so you'll more than likely have opportunities for playdates. Meet up with some other travelers with dogs and let them play until they drop.

If you have a cat, it's a good chance to set up the kitty bed and litter box. Chances are, your cat will simply appreciate some cage-free down time. If you're a fan of the great outdoors, consider taking a tent along and do some camping. Your pets will love sleeping in the tent with you, and you'll have more of a chance to do some hiking and get them some good exercise.

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