Pet Travel

Pet travel can be a bother because of the different state and international laws, or a misbehaving pet can ruin a vacation. View our Pet Travel Guide to learn everything you need to know to make your trip a success!


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When Car Sharing and Pets Converge

We live in a sharing economy. And a pet-loving economy. So what happens when the two worlds collide?

New Ruling Cracks Down on Emotional Support Animals on Planes

Some airline passengers have tried to skip paying pet fees on planes by claiming their dogs, cats or even pigs are emotional support animals. But a new ruling has put an end to that.

Is It Illegal to Drive With a Dog in Your Lap?

It may not be in your state, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea.

When Can Your Four-legged Friend Be Your Plus-One?

You love Fluffy better than anyone else in the world. But sometimes you need to leave her at home.

How to Bring Pets with You on Vacation

You'd like to bring your pets with you on vacation, but you're not sure how to do this. This article offers tips about how to bring pets with you on vacation.

10 Essential Cat Travel Accessories

As much as we love our cats, we have to admit that they can be terrible travel companions. Luckily, we have 10 essential accessories designed to make kitty more comfortable on your next vacation.

5 Amazing Pet Accessories for Cars

When you're traveling with your beloved pet, you want the ride to be as smooth as possible. Whether it's a short trip to the vet or a long ride in the car, we've got a list of five great accessories that will make your journey easy.

5 Fun Dog Travel Accessories

Whether you're road-tripping along Route 66 or trekking through the Grand Tetons, these items will help keep your furry friend comfortable and safe on your adventures.

How to Choose Dog Travel Clothing

When you're packing for your next vacation, don't forget about your pooch. He wants to be just as stylish as you are, without going overboard. Here are some tips to keep your dog fashion forward.

Pet Car Seats 101

As driving down the open roads gets more and more dangerous, it's time to make sure our furry friends stay just as safe as we do. Using a carrier, car seat or booster seat could save your pet's -- and your -- life.

How to Drive with Your Pet

Driving with your pet seems like a no brainer, right? You put your pet in the back seat, close the door and drive. While it seems simple enough, that's not always the case.

Can I take my pets on public transportation?

Public transportation can be convenient and cheap, but bringing a pet can make your trip cumbersome and costly. Luckily, many transport systems welcome pets.

Motorcycle Pet Traveling Guide

Imagine your pet on the open road -- motoring down the freeway with the wind in its fur. Doesn't it make you want to strap Fido or Fluffy to the back of your Harley-Davidson?

Pet Sitters 101

It's tempting to book your plane ticket, leave some water in your pet's dish and dash out the door, but your animals can't take care of themselves. Luckily, pet sitters provide the care that you can't while you're gone.

U.S. Pet Travel Laws Guide

It's easy to keep a pet -- until you decide to travel with one. There are many laws in place that require owners to keep their pets healthy and safe, and they're very strictly enforced.

10 Rules for Houseguests with Pets

When you take your pet visiting, there are some rules to follow for a safe and happy trip. Although your pet may be as important to you as any other family member, not everyone feels that way, so you need to know the rules.

Dog Parks Guide

Life at the end of a leash isn't freedom. That's why dog owners release their canines to frolic in the wide open spaces of dog parks. What's it like at these pet playgrounds?

Pet Insurance Guide

You love your pets and hate to see them sick, but you don't have the money to visit a vet. It may surprise you to learn how available -- and affordable -- pet insurance can be.

Pet Meds for Traveling Guide

You like to travel in comfort, don't you? So does your pet. Of course, while you'd need only a pillow and a good book, your pet may need medication -- and lots of it -- to travel comfortably.

How to Keep Your Pet Healthy While Traveling

You have a lot to worry about when you travel with your pets. You want to keep them well-fed and comfortable at all times, but to keep your pets truly healthy, you'll need to take a trip to the vet.

Boating With Your Pets 101

Boating with a pet is a time-honored tradition, but an easygoing vacation can easily turn into trouble without proper planning. A bit of forethought and a few inexpensive toys should make that trip to the shore fun for all.

All About Pet Traveling Services

Going through a long-distance move or corporate relocation can be a very challenging project for a family -- especially when that family has a beloved pet. Luckily there are pet traveling services that can help with the tricky logistics.

Pet-Friendly Restaurants Guide

When the weather's a sunny 70 degrees and you feel like walking down the road to that quaint neighborhood bistro with the patio, you think -- I bet Fido would like to come. Can he?

Pet-Friendly Hotels Guide

Fido's practically part of the family, so naturally you'd want him along on vacation. Unfortunately, the local motel may not be as welcoming to your pet as you are. Luckily, pet-friendly hotels abound so you and Fido can relax comfortably.

How to Vacation With Your Pet

Instead of calling your answering machine every day to chat up your pet, why not take the little bugger with you on vacation? There's no reason to leave furry friends behind.