10 Essential Cat Travel Accessories

We love our cats, but we generally don't love traveling with them. See more cat pictures.

As much as we love them, cats generally don't make the best travel companions. Your dog may happily bound into the back seat of your SUV and slobber in delight while his ears flap in the breeze, but your cat is more likely to dig her claws into the back of your neck and meow in terror the entire ride.

Despite the potential travel tribulations, many cat owners can't bear the thought of leaving their feline friend in a kennel (a.k.a. "kitty prison") while they go on vacation. If you're determined to take your cat along wherever you go, you can make the journey easier on both of you by assembling a few very important accessories before you leave.

Here is a list of the 10 must-have travel accessories that you -- and your cat companion -- should never leave home without. These items will make feeding, caring for and cleaning up after your kitty a whole lot easier.