Pet Travel

Pet travel can be a bother because of the different state and international laws, or a misbehaving pet can ruin a vacation. View our Pet Travel Guide to learn everything you need to know to make your trip a success!


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All About Pet Photos

If only you could capture the unmatched adorability of your pet in a photo. But how do you get your wiggly friend to sit still and strike its most precious pose?

Pet-Friendly Hotels Guide

Fido's practically part of the family, so naturally you'd want him along on vacation. Unfortunately, the local motel may not be as welcoming to your pet as you are. Luckily, pet-friendly hotels abound so you and Fido can relax comfortably.

How to Vacation With Your Pet

Instead of calling your answering machine every day to chat up your pet, why not take the little bugger with you on vacation? There's no reason to leave furry friends behind.

Airline Travel for Pets Guide

Sure, we've all heard the news stories about a kitten that somehow snuck into the baggage compartment of a 747, but how does it work when Fluffy wants to be right there with you -- on your lap?

International Pet Travel Guide

One of the great joys of traveling is sharing your new discoveries with your loved ones -- including your pets. Taking an animal abroad can be complicated, but there are plenty of good reasons to do it.

How much water should I give my pet during a car trip?

When you're on a car trip and get a little thirsty, you may pull over at a rest station. But if your backseat companion is your pooch, it won't be able to tell you when it's parched. How can you accommodate your pet without upsetting its stomach?

What is kennel cough?

When your perky pooch develops a hacking cough, you might be alarmed. If you board your dog on a regular basis, it might have picked up kennel cough. Once you get the facts, you'll see that kennel cough's bark is worse than its bite.

10 Things to Pack When Traveling with a Pet

When you're packing for a trip, you don't leave home without clean socks and toothpaste. But if you're bringing your pet with you, what essentials will it need? We've got 10 must-have items for your four-legged, furry friend.

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet Entertained on a Long Car Trip

On a long car ride, you might find that your pet has about as much patience as your toddler. But throwing Dora the Explorer up on your mini-van's TV screen won't amuse your animal. What will?

How Bordetella Vaccines Work

If your pooch comes home from doggy daycare with a hacking cough, it's probably got the dreaded kennel cough. Luckily, a vaccine can protect your pup from this highly contagious canine cold.

Pet Boarding 101

It can break your heart -- that dismayed look your dog gives you when you abandon her at the kennel. How can you make sure your pet is treated with loving care in your absence?

5 Alternatives to Pet Boarding

Some people don't like the thought of leaving their furry family members at the cold, concrete kennel. So, how else can your pet be cared for while you vacate?

Top 10 Pet-friendly Vacation Spots

For many of us, pets have taken the place of children in our lives. And while we probably wouldn't leave our kids behind on a vacation, we don't want to leave our pets, either. But where can you take them where they'll be welcome with open paws?

Where exactly do they store pets on a plane?

If you've managed a cross-country trip with a cat perched on your shoulder or a dog getting sick in your backseat, you may be ready to learn about flying the friendly skies with your pet.

Top 5 Safety Tips for Traveling With a Pet in the Car

Lap dogs tend to do what they do best in the car -- get into your lap. Next thing you know you're swerving all over the road. How can you make these car trips safer?

Top 5 Risks When Driving with a Pet

Most of us don't think twice about buckling our own seatbelts, yet our pets are often left unrestrained. From rambunctious dogs to sick or panicky cats, what are the best ways to protect your pets on the road?

Top 5 Pet-friendly Travel Cities in the U.S.

You're ready to hit the road, but you can't bear the idea of leaving behind your furry friends. You're in luck: Plenty of cities have begun catering to four-legged customers. What are five of the best?

5 Tips for Flying with Your Pet

For some people, traveling without their pets simply isn't an option. Airlines will happily accommodate these four-legged friends, but you must plan carefully to avoid headaches at the airport.

How long is too long for a pet to be in a car?

Your pets are fidgety, and you're worried about taking them on that long road trip. How long can you keep them in the car before they get uncomfortable -- and can you ever leave them alone?

How often should I stop to walk my pet on a long car trip?

You and your pet love the open road, but what happens when Fido gets bored, uncomfortable or worse? Frequent stops and an identifying microchip for your pet should make long road trips comfortable for all.

Should I let my dog stick its head out the window?

You always see happy dogs on the road, heads hanging out of car windows, tails wagging and fur blowing freely in the breeze. It might look like fun, but it could also be dangerous.

Is there anything you can do to keep your pet entertained on a long car trip?

If you think it's hard to keep children entertained on long road trips, imagine keeping your pets' boredom at bay. However, some inexpensive purchases and a little planning should make the trip enjoyable for all.

All About Pet Shipping

Your company's relocated you overseas, and now you've got to get the family dog and cat across the ocean along with the contents of your home. Since you can't exactly mail a kitty, how does it work?

How do airlines determine how expensive a pet plane ticket is?

With the prices of airline tickets changing as often as they do, you might be surprised to know that the cost for pet travel is fairly stable. But how do airlines set prices?

6 Pets that Traveled Long Distances to Get Home

How lost dogs and cats find their way home is a mystery. The pets listed here each traveled great distances and reunited with their owners hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away.