Pet Travel

Pet travel can be a bother because of the different state and international laws, or a misbehaving pet can ruin a vacation. View our Pet Travel Guide to learn everything you need to know to make your trip a success!

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It can break your heart -- that dismayed look your dog gives you when you abandon her at the kennel. How can you make sure your pet is treated with loving care in your absence?

By Amy Hunter

Some people don't like the thought of leaving their furry family members at the cold, concrete kennel. So, how else can your pet be cared for while you vacate?

By Sarah Winkler

For many of us, pets have taken the place of children in our lives. And while we probably wouldn't leave our kids behind on a vacation, we don't want to leave our pets, either. But where can you take them where they'll be welcome with open paws?

By Jessika Toothman & Heather Kolich


If you've managed a cross-country trip with a cat perched on your shoulder or a dog getting sick in your backseat, you may be ready to learn about flying the friendly skies with your pet.

By Robert Lamb

For some people, traveling without their pets simply isn't an option. Airlines will happily accommodate these four-legged friends, but you must plan carefully to avoid headaches at the airport.

By Josh Clark

Your pets are fidgety, and you're worried about taking them on that long road trip. How long can you keep them in the car before they get uncomfortable -- and can you ever leave them alone?

By Josh Clark

You and your pet love the open road, but what happens when Fido gets bored, uncomfortable or worse? Frequent stops and an identifying microchip for your pet should make long road trips comfortable for all.

By Josh Clark


You always see happy dogs on the road, heads hanging out of car windows, tails wagging and fur blowing freely in the breeze. It might look like fun, but it could also be dangerous.

By Josh Clark

If you think it's hard to keep children entertained on long road trips, imagine keeping your pets' boredom at bay. However, some inexpensive purchases and a little planning should make the trip enjoyable for all.

By Josh Clark

Your company's relocated you overseas, and now you've got to get the family dog and cat across the ocean along with the contents of your home. Since you can't exactly mail a kitty, how does it work?

By Molly Edmonds

With the prices of airline tickets changing as often as they do, you might be surprised to know that the cost for pet travel is fairly stable. But how do airlines set prices?

By Jonathan Strickland


How lost dogs and cats find their way home is a mystery. The pets listed here each traveled great distances and reunited with their owners hundreds, sometimes thousands of miles away.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.