Is there anything you can do to keep your pet entertained on a long car trip?

A good dog can make a road trip complete. Check out these pet pictures.
©iStockphoto/James Blinn

­If you're one of those big-hearted souls who loves your pets so much you can't imagine leaving them at home while you're on vacation, you may have encountered the dilemma of keeping your dog or cat entertained during a long trip. Pets can be very much like children, with short attention spans that cause them to get bored quickly. If you have a pet and a couch at home, you've probably seen what kind of damage this boredom can bring about.

Your car's upholstery is even more expensive to repair than a chewed or scratched couch. When you bring your p­et along on a road trip, though, your car seats are in imminent danger of being destroyed if your pet gets bored and decides to entertain itself. There are some ways you can keep your pet entertained on long road trips, however, which can make the trip more enjoyable for you both.

­First and foremost, you must make acclimate your pet to life on the road. It's a bad idea to pack your dog or cat in­to your car for its first ride ever and head out on a cross-country trip. Spend some time taking short car trips with your pet. Get it used to riding in the car, especially in a crate or carrier, which (along with a pet seat) is the safest way for a pet to ride. Be sure your cat or dog is leash trained, which will come in handy during rest stops. Now that your pet's ready, let's blow this pop stand!