Pet Boarding 101

Lots of kisses before the pooch gets dropped off at the kennel. See more pet pictures.
Andersen Ross/Getty Images

­Odds are, if you have a pet, the day will come when you'll have to leave it behind for a beach trip, exotic vacation or visit with grandma. Whether you travel frequently for business or just hit the road once a year, you'll want to make the perfect arrangements for the care of your pet. For some pet lovers, this can be a stressful part of travel planning. 

All pets and pet owners vary. Some ­pets settle into the boarding routine readily and seem to enjoy the change of scene. Others pine away for their owners, refuse to eat and are generally miserable for the entire stay. Likewise, some owners don't think twice about dropping their pets at boarding facilities, while others wring their hands in fretful worry.

­Whether you have a sensitive pet or you're a sensitive pet owner, the best way to ease the str­ess of boarding your pet is to find a situation that both you and your pet are comfortable with. And, make sure your pet is prepared for its time away from home. Something as simple as making sure your pet understands basic commands or having it spend time around other animals and people will go a long way t­oward preparing your pet for the boarding scenario. Just remember -- 30,000,000 pets spend time at boarding facilities in the United States and Canada each year. So your pet is no a pioneer. If you choose carefully, you'll select a boarding facility that works for you both.