5 Alternatives to Pet Boarding

When your pet is like family, it's tough to board it at the kennel. See more pet pictures.
John Howard/Getty Images

You're pumped for your next vacation. You've bought your plane tickets, booked your hotel room and packed your suitcases. The only thing that you aren't so excited about is leaving an important member of your family behind -- your pet.

­To make sure that your pooch or kitty is taken care of while you're away, you consider boarding it. But you c­an't bear the thought of leaving your pet -- a pet that's accustomed to sleeping in the comfort of your bed every night -- with strangers in an unfamiliar place. Plus, the costs­ of boarding can add up. Pet boarding costs range from about $15 to $35 per day, depending on the quality of the facility and the services it offers.

So, what are some alternatives to pet boarding that will leave you and your furry friend anxiety-free without emptying your wallet?