How to Vacation With Your Pet

Does your pooch kayak? Then, bring him along. See more pet pictures.
Gen Nishino/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

­So, you want to take a vacation and you can't bear the thought of leaving your pet behind. Good news: It's not a problem. There are a number of vacations you can enjoy with your furry, feathered or scaly friend right at your side.

Some vacations are harder to take with your pet than others. For example, very few cruise ships allow pets on board, and if you're planning on visiting a national park, there are a number of restrictions regarding animals. In both cases, the rules that have ­been put in place are meant to protect both natural resources and your pet.

When you're vacationing, keep in mind that your pet shouldn't disturb anyone else who's also vacationing. Be extra careful to clean up after it and always keep it under control. Remember to call ahead when you're planning to bring your pet to any sort of establishment. You don't want to ruin your entire trip by showing up with an animal, only to find out that it's not allowed.

­By planning ahead and following a few simple rules, there's no reason you can't enjoy the open water, the wilderness or snowy mountainsides with your pet. And if it's thrills you seek, that's OK too. Many theme parks allow pets inside their gates.

Lots of vacation destinations ar­e more than happy to accommodate your pet, and those that can't are usually more than willing to help you find a kennel or some alternative animal accommodations nearby. Even a couple of cruise ships have kennels on board.

When it comes to vacationing with your pet, the sky's the limit. The trips you can take with an animal are limited only by the extent of your imagination. It may not always be easy, but it's almost always possible. Just don't forget to bring along some extra plastic bags.