Pet-Friendly Hotels Guide

Pet-friendly hotels are on the rise, but make sure your hotel welcomes your pooch before you book your trip. See more pet pictures.
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­If you're like many animal owners, you probably think of your pet as part of the family. As such, you carefully consider its needs, care and well-being when you plan trips or vacations. Unlike t­he old days, ­when you were forced to leave your pet with a sitter, you now have several options available if you want to take it along with you on the road.­

Today, your pets can travel with you. You may even find that some of your favorite establishments will grant your pets the same respect they grant you. Remember, however, that not all hotels will be willing to house your pet.

More and more hotels bill themselves as pet-friendly, but does that mean they really are? If they do like pets, how deep will you have to dig in your wallet to have yours stay with you? Most hotels have common-sense policies in place that benefit everyone, including other guests, but some hotels that advertised their affability to pets actually weren't.

­Most pet-friendly hotels offer amenities like treats a­nd toys, but a few go the distance to make the whole experience as enjoyable for the pets as it would be for the owners. Towels, sitters, leash-free play areas, special food, beds, blankets and gift baskets are just some of the amenities that pet-friendly hotels offer.

In this article, you'll learn about some of the most common rules and requirements pet-friendly hotels enforce. You will learn about kennel and leash policies, as well as other requirements you should be aware of before you check into your room. You will also learn about the extra fees associated with traveling with your pet, and who's responsible when something goes awry.

If you're planning a vacation and want to include your pet, you'll need to know what rules pet-friendly hotels have. Invite Fido to join you as you review the rules in the next section.