Spotted Pleco

spotted pleco
Spotted Pleco -- hypostomus punctatus See more aquarium fish pictures.
© Sven Dowideit

Scientific name: Hypostomus punctatus

The Spotted Pleco is just one of many suckermouth catfish that will remove algae from flat surfaces in the tank. Some hobbyists find this species to be a nuisance, though, because of the way they rearrange aquascaping. Their bulk and careless swimming habits can uproot plants and overturn stones.


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The Spotted Pleco grows to 12 inches and requires hiding places. A water temperature between 68º and 78º Fahrenheit, a pH from 5.8 to 7.5, and soft to moderately hard water are fine. These fish should have substantial amounts of vegetable material in their diet. In addition to pellet and tablet foods, sliced zucchini boiled just long enough for it to sink should also be offered.