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  • Can dogs sense storms?

    Can dogs sense storms?

    Dogs may be humankind's best friend, but they're not always that reliable. Sure, they can detect hidden objects at the bottom of a lake, but they also tend to mistake their tails for prey. So can we really trust them to predict the weather?

  • How the Coelacanth Works

    How the Coelacanth Works

    The coelacanth is a real-life case of the living dead (well, kind of). The massive prehistoric fish was close to being left for extinct — until one was found in 1938. What makes this ancient creature so significant?

  • 10 Innovations in Marine Biology

    10 Innovations in Marine Biology

    Marine biologists have discovered a lot about the ocean's residents while you were busy dozing on the beach. We've dug up 10 of their coolest discoveries.

  • How Snake Handlers Work

    How Snake Handlers Work

    When you handle deadly snakes for a living, caution is job one. When you handle snakes for God, it is not. Let's meet some folks in both worlds.

  • Can dogs sense storms?
  • How the Coelacanth Works
  • 10 Innovations in Marine Biology
  • How Snake Handlers Work
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Wildcat is any of the many kinds of small, undomesticated cats. Wildcats are native to nearly all parts of the world, but the name is usually applied to the European wildcat and to the North American bobcat.


Centrosaurus, which means "sharp-point reptile," was named by Lawrence Lambe in 1902 from specimens found along the Red Deer River in Alberta. A number of complete skulls and skeletons have since been discovered. Learn more about the Centrosaurus.

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