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  • 10 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense

    10 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense

    If you live with a pooch, you know that dogs are insightful, intuitive creatures. But you may not realize just how insightful they can be.

  • What if there were no sharks?

    What if there were no sharks?

    Most of us would take to the seas a bit easier without any hammerheads, blacktips or bull sharks patrolling the waters below. The truth is, however, sharks help maintain a balanced ecosystem.

  • How Animal Imprinting Works

    How Animal Imprinting Works

    Ever wonder why some birds end up following a mother of another species? It has a lot to do with who (or what) is around when they hatch. So maybe keep your distance the next time you spot a nest.

  • Tarpans vs. Domestic Horses

    How were tarpans different from domestic horses?

    A mysterious wild horse called the tarpan eluded hunters for centuries until succumbing to extinction. What made it special?

  • 10 Amazing Things Dogs Can Sense
  • What if there were no sharks?
  • How Animal Imprinting Works
  • Tarpans vs. Domestic Horses
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