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  • Are kids with dogs more active?

    Are kids with dogs more active?

    Most kids seem to be more active when their families own a dog, but that's just the beginning. Dogs provide children with a variety of health benefits.

  • 10 Great First Pets

    10 Great First Pets

    Pets are a great way to teach children responsibility and how to be aware of the needs of others. But different pets work better in different households. How do you know if your family needs a dog or a hermit crab?

  • How do flies breathe?

    How do flies breathe?

    Insect respiration is very different from that of a human. Insects do not have lungs that deliver oxygen to all of the cells in their body. So how exactly do flies and other insects breathe?

  • How Rabies Works

    How Rabies Works

    Most of us know not to pet an angry dog with a foaming mouth and that perhaps snuggling with a bat isn't the brightest rabies-prevention plan. But how does rabies choose its victims, and what can it do to humans?

  • Are kids with dogs more active?
  • 10 Great First Pets
  • How do flies breathe?
  • How Rabies Works
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