10 Surprising Things Animals Do With Their Babies

Seahorse Dads Give Birth
Seahorse dads take the business of fatherhood to a new level. Alexander Koen/iStock/Thinkstock

We now turn our attention to one of the most well-known species that leaves the business of being born to males: the seahorse, also known as the ocean's perennial "Daddy of the Year." Sort of.

Male seahorses do a decent job of collecting up to 2,000 eggs from a female during an underwater mating dance and fertilizing them. When the little eggs hatch, he even keeps them in his pouch until they're accustomed to the sea's salinity. And yup, he gives birth to them through muscular contractions [source: Danielson].

But we can't claim male seahorses are terribly effective father figures, since they take off as soon as the little ones are born, without ever catching a Little League game and missing every piano recital.