Types of Bears

Asiatic Black Bear

Asiatic Black Bear iStockphoto/Thinkstock Asiatic Black Bear iStockphoto/Thinkstock
Asiatic Black Bear iStockphoto/Thinkstock

Two-Toned: Asiatic black bears are also known as "moon bears," because they each have a colored, v-shape patch of fur resembling a moon crescent across their jet black furry chests. The size and color of each of the markings vary from bear to bear, ranging in color from white to pale yellow to orange-gold.

Sleepy All Day: Nighttime is the right time for these omnivores — which maintain an average weight of about 286 pounds (129 kilograms) — to hunt for food like nuts, berries and fruits, termites, and occasionally birds and small mammals. Asiatic black bears live in Eastern Asia, where they sleep away most of the day in caves, hollow trees or rugged terrains located in dense tropical forests.

High Price for Organs: Thousands of Asiatic bears live on Chinese bear farms, where they exist in cages no bigger than their own bodies for years as bile is milked from their gallbladders on a daily basis — much to the chagrin of international animal welfare groups, who are working to stop this practice. Bile is used in traditional Chinese medicines to treat conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver, jaundice, high blood pressure, diabetes and even tooth decay.