Bears are part of the Mammalia Class and are within the order Carnivora. There are only 8 living species of bear and each has stocky legs a long snout, thick shaggy hair and five non-retractile claws.


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What's the Difference Between a Brown Bear and a Black Bear?

Yes, the obvious fur color seems like a dead giveaway, but you can't always judge a bear by the color of its fur.

How Polar Bears Work

The polar bear's shocking whiteness, ferocity and sheer size make it an icon of purity and power. How do these animals survive in a frigid climate?

Meet the Montana Grizzly Bear Product Testers

It's the job of the huge grizzly bears at Montana's Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Center to test the everything from coolers and trash cans to food storage containers.

Red Pandas Are Not the Lesser Pandas

Despite being known as the "lesser panda," the red panda is so totally cute, we simply can't use that moniker. No way. Not now. Not ever.

Bears Adjust to Repeated Drone Exposure, Study Finds

This could mean good news for conservation and anti-poaching efforts if other species follow suit.

Giant Panda

In this guide to the Giant Panda, you'll learn about the current threats and it's habitat.

Bears throughout the Year

What do bears do during the year? Check out this article to learn about behavior of bears from January to December.

Types of Bears

The brown bear, the grizzly, and the Kodiak bear are all part of the brown bear species. Learn about the Brown Bear in this article.

How to Track a Bear

You want to track a bear, but don't know how to do it. Learn about how to track a bear in this article.

Baby Bear Pictures

Check out these adorable pictures of baby bears and see if you can handle the cuteness!

Brown Bear Pictures

The brown bear is an amazing animal. Check out these incredible pictures of brown bears.

Giant Panda Bear Pictures

Check out these adorable pictures of giant pandas and learn all there is to know about these amazing animals!

Bear Pictures

Bears are the largest carnivorous land-dwelling mammals on earth. Check out these bear pictures to learn more!

Does panhandling kill black bears?

Although Yogi Bear thinks he's smarter than the average bear, he might not be using his brains when snatching picnic baskets. Does panhandling have more serious consequences than just extra calories?

Why don't pandas hibernate?

They call the creature a bear. And bears are known to hibernate each winter. So why don't pandas slip into the same cold-weather stupor? Are they really even bears at all?

Will I die if I eat polar bear liver?

If your favorite diner's blue plate special is ever sauteed polar bear liver, you may want to stick with salad. This meal can cause symptoms far beyond indigestion.

Why is the birth rate so low for giant pandas?

Since 1990, there have been only five panda cubs born in the United States. This may seem a little low. Getting pandas to mate in captivity is extremely difficult. Why is the birth rate for giant pandas so low? Find out the answer in this article.