Primates are placental mammals that include gorillas, monkeys and chimpanzees, as well as humans. Other than humans, primates are found mostly in Central and South America, Africa, and South Asia.

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Your Bed Has More Poop Than a Chimp's

Think your bed is cleaner than a chimp's? Researchers at North Carolina State University set out to find the answer.

A Smart Lemur Is a Popular Lemur

It pays to be brainy when you're a ring-tailed lemur.

5 Chimps Who Grew Up in Human Families

Some people mistakenly believe that if chimps are socialized from an early age, they're not a threat to humans. But these five families found out the hard way that chimps will always be chimps.

Orangutans Can Nurse for 20 Percent of Their Lives

We've learned that young orangutans nurse for much longer than any other mammal, knowledge which could help conservation efforts.

Wild Lemurs Get Their Own Facial Recognition Software

Scientists hope to eliminate need for tagging, extend system to other wild animals.

Marmosets Have Excellent Hearing, and That Might Help Improve Tech for the Deaf

Thanks to the humanlike pitch awareness of these adorable primates, researchers have more insight into how sound is processed in the brain.

Monkeys Have the Anatomy for 'Human' Speech, But Not the Brains

Turns out the reboot of 'Planet of the Apes' got one thing right — it's the brains monkeys lack, not the anatomy.

Aging Bonobos Experience Vision Deterioration Just Like Humans Do

Who doesn't love a farsighted ape wearing reading glasses?

'Cool Girl' Female Macaques Get More Grooming Than Less-popular Ladymonkeys

The most popular lady macaques show us why nitpicking pays off.

Watch Newborn Monkeys Smile in Their Sleep Just Like Human Babies

We do it. Chimps do it. A new study out of Japan investigates just how far back on the evolutionary ladder this totally adorable behavior goes.

Young Lemurs Refuse to Sing the Family Song

Adolescent humans aren't the only creatures trying to get attention by doing their own thing.

Why There Are More Sumatran Orangutans Than We Previously Thought

The good news is that new research expands the orangutan count, but the bad news is that it's not because the population has grown.

New Study: Monkeys Can Drive Robotic Wheelchairs Using Thought Control

Researchers developed technology that allows monkeys to maneuver around in robotic wheelchairs, using only their thoughts to navigate. That has implications for humanity.

There's a River Full of Monkeys in Florida — And Not in a Theme Park

Feral monkeys have roamed Silver Springs State Park in Florida since the 1930s.

Anatomy of an Orangutan Murder

"The Jinx." "Making a Murderer." And now, orangutans? Why this female-on-female ape killing took researchers by surprise — and reads like a human true-crime drama.

Should We Worry About Apes Learning to Use Handguns?

Pop culture has depicted chimps and other primates as both gun-wielding villains and saviors, but should humans be concerned about the possibility of armed apes?

Are monkeys superstitious?

Monkeys share a lot in common with us, but are they just as superstitious? We know that have the ability to gamble, but is it deeper than just a game to them.

Bald Uakari

In this guide to the Bald Uakari, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.

Cotton-Top Tamarin

In this guide to the Cotton-Top Tamarin, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.


In this guide to the Mandrill, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.

Gelada Baboon

In this guide to the Gelada Baboon, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.

Why Do Lemurs Live Only in Madagascar?

A long, long time ago, lemurs lived all over the world. But something happened to kill them off — everywhere except in Madagascar. How did the island protect them from extinction?

Why do gorillas build new nests every night?

Besides our genetic similarities, gorillas also share our love of getting a good night's sleep -- except that their alarm clocks come in the form of dangerous predators and poachers.

Are orangutans introverts?

Orangutans might be the most low-key of the world's apes, but that doesn't mean they don't like to socialize. So are these redheads miscast as loners, or are orangutans introverts?

What happens to chimps used in medical research?

Their genetic similarity to humans makes chimps great subjects for medical research. But some countries are banning this research because these apelike similarities are a little too close for comfort.