Carnivores are meat-eating mammals. Learn about tigers, coyotes, and other predators of the animal kingdom.

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Fisher Cats: Tough Guys of the Weasel World

Fisher cats aren't actually cats, but cat-sized members of the weasel family, and their favorite snack is — yikes — the porcupine.

6 Big Cats Still Found Wild in the U.S.

As much as human beings have encroached on wildlife over recent decades, there are still several species of big cats living wild in the U.S. today.

Meet the Ocelot: The Cutest Little Big Cat

The ocelot may look like a slightly wilder version of a domesticated tabby cat, but they are three times the size of house cats, much fiercer and, though abundant in some areas, still endangered.

5 Cool Cats in the Wild

When we think of big cats in the wild, we most likely think of lions and tigers. But there are so many more amazing wild cats you've probably never even heard of. Here are five.

Wolves' Return to Yellowstone a Boon for Streams

A first-of-its-kind study reaffirms why wolves are vital to the health of our ecosystem.

Fear of the Human 'Superpredator' Causes Large Carnivores to Eat Less

By frightening top predators, the fear of humans may be distorting ecosystem processes even more than previously imagined.

That Funky Meerkat Scent Comes From a Surprising Source

A new scientific study reveals that the smells unique to meerkat communities aren't produced by the meerkats themselves.

Some Wild Elephants Need Only Two Hours of Sleep

The two elephants studied even went some days without sleeping at all.

Do Big Cats Freak Out Over Laser Pointers Like House Cats?

House cats seem to love chasing laser pointers. But what about their larger, wilder cousins?

Spicy Vest Full of Chili Powder Protects Dogs From Wolf Attacks

One Finnish town is trying out an unconventional method for protecting their pets from protected wolves.

Three Rare White Lion Cubs Born in Georgian Zoo

The cuddly cubs were born in the same zoo that experienced disastrous flooding in 2015.

Researcher Paints Eyes on Cow Butts to Deter Lions

Who's ready for operation iCow?

Decoding Wolf Dialects

A study finds wolves howl differently depending on the species.

The Only Wild Jaguar in the U.S. Has Finally Been Filmed

Motion-sensing cameras, detailed maps and a special poop-detecting dog all played a part in finding the jaguar nicknamed "El Jefe."

Sarah the Cheetah, the World's Fastest Land Animal, Has Died

Breaking multiple records, Sarah set speeds never matched by any other animal. She was euthanized earlier this week by the staff at the Cincinnati Zoo, where she lived.

It's the Eye of the Tiger… and the Gator, the Deer, the Housecat

A new study shows how animal's pupils have evolved to help them survive in their ecological niche as predator or prey.

Frozen Sperm Is Saving These Ferrets

Can endangered species be saved with insemination from the Great Beyond?

Are cheetahs clones of each other?

Cheetahs share so much DNA that they're practically clones of one another. But what does this mean for the future of the species?

Do dire wolves exist?

As fans of George R.R. Martin's "Song of Ice and Fire" series know all too well, a person encountering a dire wolf will likely end up in dire straits. But while these fearsome beasts make for great fiction, do they have any grounding in reality?

Top 5 Strange Lion Facts

You may be surprised to learn that the lion's worst enemy is the size of a small dog. Learn more in this article.

Snow Leopard

With less than five thousand snow leopards left, the chances of seeing a snow leopard in the wild are slim. In addition to being endangered, this creature is crepuscular and nocturnal.


In this guide to the Lion, you'll learn cool facts about its habitat, unique behaviors and it's converstation status.

Tiger Facts

Learn all about tigers with these HowStuffWorks Tiger Facts!

How to Trap a Skunk Without Getting Sprayed

You'd like to trap the skunk in your backyard, without getting sprayed. Find out here how to trap a skunk without getting sprayed.

Why do spotted hyenas laugh?

Because of their fierce jaws, cunning hunting tactics and nocturnal nature, spotted hyenas aren't exactly known for tee-heeing the day away. So what do those spine-chilling peals of laughter mean?