5 Dog Treat Recipes That Kids Can Make

Cappy, the brother of Obama family dog, Bo, eats treats at a birthday celebration for Bo in the Rose Garden of the White House. See more dog pictures.
Pete Souza/The White House/Getty Images

Have you ever wondered what's in doggie treats? Why is it that these simple snacks have the power to make dogs sit, speak or roll over with such enthusiasm? The answer probably has a lot to do with canines' insatiable appetites and not-so-discriminating palates. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise to learn that most dog treats are actually quite simple to make. In fact, making munchies for your mutt is easy enough that you can do it with your kids. They'll enjoy the fun of working in the kitchen, and your hound will appreciate having a stockpile of homemade snacks.

Preparing delicious treats for your pet is a great way to ensure that he is getting wholesome, natural foods in his diet. It's also a wonderful way to bond with your kids. Sure, they'll probably make a bit of a mess, but your dog will quickly slurp up anything that drops to the floor. Making dog treats is also inexpensive. All you will need are some basic cooking tools, a few common kitchen ingredients, and a pinch of patience.

Are you ready to get started? Check out our list of five dog treats that kids can make.