Head and Tail Light Tetra

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© Aaron Norman Head and Tail Light Tetra -- hemigrammus ocellifer See more Aquarium Fish Image Gallery.
Aaron Norman

Scientific name: Hemigrammus ocellifer

The Head and Tail Light Tetra grows to about two inches in length and does best in shoals. Colors are more intense with dark gravel and background. As long as the water temperature is between 74º and 82º Fahrenheit and the pH is in the range of 5.5 to 7.0, with moderately soft to mildly hard water, it will do well.


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The Head and Tail Light Tetra does fine on flake and freeze-dried foods, but it benefits from the occasional feeding of live brine shrimp, as do all tetras. Females are just a bit larger than males and have a fuller, deeper underbelly. These fish are also sometimes referred to as Beaconfish.

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