Arachnids have four pairs of jointed legs, two body sections and simple eyes. Arachnids are aggressive predators and include spiders, scorpions, mites and ticks.

The Ultimate How Spiders Work Quiz

What is it about spiders that creeps people out so much? Spiders are probably the most feared bug, even though very few are actually dangerous. Perhaps learning more about spiders will help you get over your fears. Take this quiz and find out more about these helpful little creatures.

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  • 10 Amazing, Beautiful, TERRIFYING Spiders

    10 Amazing, Beautiful, TERRIFYING Spiders

    Spiders have been on Earth a whole lot longer than we have — 380 million years, to be precise — and number more than 38,000 separate species worldwide. Explore 10 of the most beautiful and scary of these arachnids. See more »

  • 10 Myths About Spiders

    10 Myths About Spiders

    We seem to think we know all there is to know about spiders — they spin webs to trap prey; if they bite you, you might die; and if you find one in your house, you should set it free. But what if all these beliefs are a web of lies? See more »

  • Do black widows eat their mates?

    Do black widows eat their mates?

    It's good to be a little skeptical sometimes. Otherwise, we might believe the moon really is made of cheese or that the world is going to run out of bananas soon. So when people say female black widows eat their mates, we're not biting. See more »

  • Do daddy longlegs really have powerful venom?

    Do daddy longlegs really have powerful venom?

    With its long legs and goofy way of motoring about, the daddy longlegs generally doesn't top lists of the scariest spiders. But should it? After all, if legends are to be believed, it's one of the most poisonous spiders of all. See more »

  • Do we really swallow spiders in our sleep?

    Do we really swallow spiders in our sleep?

    Worried about creepy crawlies entering your mouth while you sleep? Relax -- spiders have no interest in being eaten. See more »

  • How Chiggers Work

    How Chiggers Work

    Chiggers are tiny arachnids that are known for delivering bites that itch intensely. Find out how chiggers work and learn about the chigger reproduction cycle. See more »

  • How long can scorpions live without food or water?

    How long can scorpions live without food or water?

    Scorpions have been around for 450 million years. But the species hasn't been sustained by a healthy, vibrant diet: This opportunistic eater would rather wait for food to come to it than go out hunting for it. So how many meals does that amount to? See more »

  • How Spiders Work

    How Spiders Work

    Love 'em or hate 'em, you've got to admit that spiders are some pretty impressive animals. Movies like "Arachnophobia", "Spider-Man" and "Eight Legged Freaks" even spin their stories around spiders. Check out the real-life web-slinging, wall-crawling, venom-injecting inspiration. See more »

  • How Ticks Work

    How Ticks Work

    Ticks are parasites that feed on the blood of their hosts -- human or otherwise -- and are known for carrying diseases. Learn all about ticks, including how to remove them. See more »

  • What are chiggers and how do they bite?

    What are chiggers and how do they bite?

    If you have ever been out in the woods or an open field in spring, summer or fall, you may have gotten chiggers around your waistband or on your ankles. They leave red, itchy bumps on your skin. Learn more about these arachnids. See more »

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