Waterfowl, which include ducks, geese and swans, are fowl that live in and around water. Most are strong swimmers with medium to large bodies.

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There are three types of ducks: dabbling, diving and perching. Wild ducks are classified based on their habitat and behavior.

By Sascha Bos

The blue-footed booby is known as much for its comical mating dance as for its intensely colored blue feet.

By Laurie L. Dove

There are up to 26 species of penguins in the world, most of whom mate for life, and while none of them can fly, they swim like Olympic champs.

By Patty Rasmussen


A South African winery is employing a band of feathered guards to protect from invaders, and these runner ducks are eating up the enemy.

By Laurie L. Dove

When you think of geese, the Canadian variety probably comes to mind. These large water birds are endemic to North America and their V-shaped migratory formations can be seen in the skies each fall and spring.

Mallards can be found in ponds, lakes and marshes. Read on to learn more about this bird.

Geese don't exchange vows or rings, but they do search for their lifelong mate. However, are geese really faithful, or do they take a gander at the opposite sex?

By Jennifer Horton