Birds of Prey

Birds of prey tend to have excellent eyesight and attack with their sharp talons. Read how eagles can fly over thunderclouds, owls can hunt in pitch black and much more.

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Owls are captivating birds known for their nocturnal habits, distinctive hooting calls and remarkable ability to hunt in near silence. With about 200 species found worldwide, these birds of prey come in various sizes and colors. Here, we dig in to 10 types of owls.

By Yara Simón

You spot a bird of prey, and your friend says it's a peregrine falcon but her partner says it's a hawk. Can you resolve the great hawk vs. falcon debate?

By Sascha Bos

Wingspan isn't the only way to measure the largest eagles in the world. We also looked at weight and height.

By Yara Simón


From the fictional Hedwig in the Harry Potter series, to those that live wild and free, the snowy owl is one of the most captivating species of owl in the world.

By Wendy Bowman

While the cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world, the peregrine falcon, a large predatory raptor, is by far the fastest bird on planet Earth.

By Wendy Bowman

The energy efficiency of the Andean condor is the avian embodiment of the phrase "work smarter, not harder."

By Jesslyn Shields

The national bird of the United States has taken on iconic status as the avian avatar of freedom, but its wingspan and steely gaze guarantee its status in the pecking order of prey birds as a symbol of strength.

By Patty Rasmussen


The largest eagle in the world has a claw the size of a grizzly bear's, a leg the size of a human's and a very disapproving gaze.

By Jesslyn Shields

From ancient times until today, people have been captivated by these iconic, mysterious birds. What is it about owls that makes them the enduring subject of myth and superstition?

By Jesslyn Shields, Nicole Antonio & Sascha Bos

The smallest owls in the world have mad survival skills, like killing poisonous scorpions and playing dead.

By Loraine Fick

Black kites are drawn to fires, chasing down prey as it flees the flames. And some believe they may even start fires in order to have more menu options.

By Karen Kirkpatrick


A medium-sized hawk, the cooper's hawk is slate gray above and whitish with fine stripes on its belly. Read on to learn more about this powerful bird.

Red-tailed hawks are the most common hawk species in North America. These massive birds are known to mate for life, and, despite their name, to have feathers in a variety of colors.

By Wendy Bowman

A blackish bird about the size of an eagle, the distinctive flight pattern of the turkey vulture helps to identify this bird as it soars high in the air. Read on to learn more about this bird.

Many animals have defense mechanisms to ward off enemies. If you think it’s a good idea to frighten a vulture, be ready for the smell of rotting flesh and acid-like burns.

By Cristen Conger


The Millennium Falcon might be fast in a galaxy far, far away, but the peregrine falcon reigns supreme on Earth. This bird doesn't have warp speed, but it sure can zoom.

By Jennifer Horton

It can be scary to have an owl fly in front of you without it making a sound. Find out if this phenomenon is a supernatural power or something as simple as the hip bone being connected to the tail bone.

By Sarah Winkler

Owls are one of those bird species that everyone loves. Check out these cool owl images to learn more about our nocturnal friends.

By Christopher Hassiotis