The terms Fowl and Poultry are often used interchangeably, but scientifically speaking Fowl birds are of the Superorder Galloanserae.

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What do ducks eat? Not bread — or at least they shouldn't be nibbling on the carb-heavy food. Tossing stale bread into your local pond to feed wild ducks does more harm than good. Learn why you should avoid it entirely and what options are better for these aquatic animals.

By Yara Simón

Whether you're a chicken keeper looking to increase egg production or just curious about the largest chicken breed, here's a list of the giants by weight.

By Yara Simón

Spontaneous sex reversal in chickens is pretty rare, but it does happen. Find out how Miss Lucille became Mr. Lucille.

By Alia Hoyt


Japanese video shows a chicken developing and hatching without an eggshell.

By Kathryn Whitbourne

Whichever came first, the chicken or the egg, you want to know how to collect the eggs from a chicken. This article will tell you how to collect eggs from a chicken.

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All you amateur ornithologists might scoff at this seemingly simple question, but the answer isn't as straightforward as you think. And no, it's not just that their bones are hollow.

By Jennifer Horton

Some say that during a rainstorm, turkeys will stare up at the sky with their beaks hanging open, transfixed, until they drown. Is this really true?

By Stephanie Watson


Whether used in fashion or complicated mating rituals, peacock feathers drive the ladies crazy. But, what happens when a peacock loses his last feather? Will he become a fashion-don't?

By Cristen Conger