5 Things You Can Train Your Cat to Do (Really)


Slip Me Some Skin, Kitten

Don’t leave me hangin’! © suemack/iStock/Thinkstock
Don’t leave me hangin’! © suemack/iStock/Thinkstock

Your cat can give you high fives with a little practice every day, a lot of praise and a little incentive (and when we say incentive, what we really mean is treats or small bites of her favorite food). Training your cat to high five is similar to training her to sit; begin by holding a treat slightly over her head, raising it high enough that she needs to reach for it -- when she does, touch her paw, say "High Five!" and give her a reward for her efforts.

Once she's mastered how to high five, it's just a little more practice to turn that into a hand shake, a wave goodbye, or even something as cool as closing drawers or cabinet doors for you when your hands are full.