Top 5 Safety Tips for Traveling With a Pet in the Car

It's tough to leave that sweet face at home. See more pet pictures.
Roy McMahon/Getty Images

­For most people, pets are family. The trusty dog or cat is always there -- curled up next to us when we watch television late at night, trotting next to us when we take a morning walk, greeting us happily at the end of every workday. That's why many pet owners can't bear the thought of leaving a pet behind for a vacation or weekend getaway. W­e'd prefer to take them along.

­But you can't just load your pet into the sedan and peel out for parts unknown without taking some precautions. You have to think about your pet's safety on the long car ride. Does your furry friend ­get carsick? What type of restraint will you use to secure your pet? Will Fido get startled and try to hide under the brake pedal?

We've put together five favorite safety tips to make traveling by automobile with your pet a more enjoyable experience for everyone. Read on to find out how to make it from point A to point B without having to pry a freaked-out feline from the ceiling of your car.