How to Drive with Your Pet

Pet Car and Booster Seats

­If you want to pamper your pet on yo­ur next road trip, your first stop might b­e a car or booster seat. Made generally for small dogs, these seats allow your pooch to enjoy the open road first-hand.

Using a series of straps and buckles, these typically basket-like seats attach to the front or backseat of your car. When looking for a pet car booster seat to purchase, first be sure the seat can handle your pet's weight. Your full-grown lab won't make the weight requirement, and with good reason -- a large dog like that doesn't need it. Pet booster seats are made only for little dogs.

Secondly, make sure the booster seat has a lining of some sort that is removable for machine washing. Imagine your pet getting so excited on the car ride that an accident happens. You want to be able to clean up the mess with ease and use the booster seat on the next trip. The rest of the seat should be padded or plush in some regard for the comfort of your pet, and built with enough durability that your pet feels stable in it.

You may also want to consider how the straps lay. Some deluxe booster seats boast that their straps go behind the seat to provide an unobstructed view for your pet. Whatever you choose, just make sure the straps aren't situated so that your dog could get tangled up in them.

To keep your pet the safest it can be during traveling, check out the next page to discover pet safety harnesses.