How to Vacation With Your Pet

Pets at Theme Parks

So you love the thrill of a roller coaster and you want to bring your pet along. No worries. You can't take them on the rides­ with you, obviously. But you can bring them along to a number of theme parks.

Many theme parks have kennels to accommodate pets [source: Pets Welcome]. But the majority of them don't provide staff to watch over your pets. So you'll want to bring your own bowl, blankets, toys and anything else your animal might enjoy while you're out getting nauseous. If the idea of leaving your pet in a kennel all day doesn't sit well, you could always bring a friend along who isn't quite as brave as you. If you do decide to put your pet in a kennel for the day, it's a good idea to check on it regularly.

One theme park goes above and beyond to make sure your pet is comfortable while you enjoy its amusements. Can you guess which one it is? Its mascot is a mouse with big ears -- Disneyworld. The park not only provides food for your pet but also air-conditioned accommodations to make sure it's completely comfortable [source: Pets on the Go].

If you choose to keep your animal close by, all the normal rules apply. Keep your pet on a leash. Be prepared to pick up after it if it chooses to relieve itself in front of a gigantic roller coaster, and always be aware of other patrons. The most likely way you and your pet will be kicked out of the park is if someone makes a complaint. So try not to give anyone anything to complain about.

There's no reason you can't enjoy the thrills of your local amusement park with your pet nearby. Just keep in mind that your pet shouldn't interfere with anyone else's good time.