Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.



An animal is a member of the kingdom Animalia, one of the great kingdoms of living things.

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  • Chordates

    Chordates refers to members of the animal phylum Chordata, which includes all mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. See more »

  • Courtship and Mating
    Courtship and Mating

    Do you think courtship is dead? Read on to learn about animal courtship. See more »

  • Fish Culture
    Fish Culture

    Fish culture is the breeding, rearing, and distributing of fish. Fish culture, also called aquaculture, fish farming, and pisciculture, is important in maintaining the supply of food and game fishes, and in extending the area in which they may be caught. See more »

  • Fodder

    Fodder is food for livestock, specifically the dried stalks and leaves of corn and sorghums. See more »

  • Forage

    The word forage refers to when animal feed that consists primarily of leaves and stalks of plants. Such plants as grasses and legumes are most commonly used. See more »

  • Green Glossary: Biomimicry
    Green Glossary: Biomimicry

    The green glossary explains biomimicry in this article. Learn about biomimicry. See more »

  • Hermaphrodite

    A hermaphrodite is an organism that has both male and female reproductive organs. For some species, hermaphroditism is normal. See more »

  • Hibernation

    Hibernation refers to the long winter sleep of certain animals. In hibernation there is a considerable lowering of body temperature, along with a slowed rate of breathing and heartbeat. See more »

  • Hog Cholera
    Hog Cholera

    Hog cholera is a highly contagious disease of swine that formerly killed large numbers of hogs. See more »

  • How to Approach an Injured Animal
    How to Approach an Injured Animal

    If you find an injured animal lying in the road, you have to know how to approach it safely. Learn about how to approach an injured animal in this article. See more »

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