Learn about some of the strange and unusual facts and terms in the animal kingdom.

How Search-and-rescue Dogs Work

Search-and-rescue dogs are smart, agile and obedient, but their high "play drive" is what makes them look for a missing person. Learn what SAR dogs do.

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  • Alpine Habitat

    Alpine Habitat

    What is an alpine habitat? Learn what constitutes an alpine habitat and who lives there. See more »

  • American Ornithologists` Union

    American Ornithologists` Union

    American Ornithologists' Union is the society of ornithologists and amateur students of birds. See more »

  • Audubon Society

    Audubon Society

    The Audubon Society (in full: National Audubon Society) is an organization of persons interested in conservation, especially in the preservation of wildlife. See more »

  • Brachiopod


    A brachiopod is a clamlike animal that inhabits the bottoms of oceans. Brachiopods are also called lampshells because they have shells that typically resemble ancient oil lamps. See more »

  • Butterfat or Milkfat

    Butterfat or Milkfat

    Butterfat, or milkfat, is the natural fat of milk. It is the chief component of butter. See more »

  • Chicago Zoological Park

    Chicago Zoological Park

    Chicago Zoological Park, or the Brookfield Zoo, is the zoo in Brookfield, Illinois. It covers 215 acres (87 hectares) 14 miles (23 km) west of downtown Chicago. See more »

  • Chordates


    Chordates refers to members of the animal phylum Chordata, which includes all mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and fish. See more »

  • Courtship and Mating

    Courtship and Mating

    Do you think courtship is dead? Read on to learn about animal courtship. See more »

  • Fish Culture

    Fish Culture

    Fish culture is the breeding, rearing, and distributing of fish. Fish culture, also called aquaculture, fish farming, and pisciculture, is important in maintaining the supply of food and game fishes, and in extending the area in which they may be caught. See more »

  • Fodder


    Fodder is food for livestock, specifically the dried stalks and leaves of corn and sorghums. See more »

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