Bluebird, a small North American bird of the thrush family. Its cheerful warbling of cher-weet, cher-weet has made it one of the most beloved of songbirds. It is regarded as a symbol of happiness.

The eastern bluebird, found throughout eastern North America, is about seven inches (18 cm) long. The male has an iridescent blue back and a chestnut-orange breast. The female is dull bluish-gray and chestnut. The bird usually nests in a hollow tree, but will readily occupy a nesting box or birdhouse. The female lays four to seven white or pale blue eggs. Eastern bluebirds generally winter in the South. They eat harmful insects.

BluebirdsBluebirds are songbirds famous for their brilliant blue feathers.

Very similar is the western bluebird, which ranges from British Columbia to California, and eastward to western Nevada and Idaho. The mountain bluebird, with light purplish or greenish-blue upper parts, is found from central Canada into New Mexico, and from the western edge of the Great Plains to the Pacific Coast.

The bluebird belongs to the family Turdidae. The eastern bluebird is Sialia sialis; western. S. mexicana; mountain, S. currocoides.

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