Insectivores are carnivorous mammals that survive by eating almost nothing but small insects. Insectivores include bats, frogs, lizards and anteaters.

Ground Sloth

Ground Sloth is an extinct American sloth related to the anteater and tree sloth of today.

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  • What's the difference between an anteater and an aardvark?

    What's the difference between an anteater and an aardvark?

    If your home has termites and the exterminator is booked, you might want to send in an anteater or aardvark. Though both these animals love insects, they're two totally different species. See more »

  • Why are sloths so slow?

    Why are sloths so slow?

    Ever since word spread about the seven deadly sins, sloths have been getting a bad rap. These sluggish tree-dwellers conserve energy by stopping to smell (and eat) the roses. See more »

  • Aardvark


    Aardvark is an African mammal. The name means "earth pig" in Afrikaans and refers to its resemblance to a pig and to its habit of digging. See more »

  • Anteater


    Anteater is any of several species of toothless animals that feed chiefly on ants and termites. See more »

  • Armadillo


    Armadillo is a small mammal, related to the anteater and sloth, that is protected by armorlike bony plates. See more »

  • Echidna


    Echidna, or Spiny Anteater is an egg-laying mammal closely related to the duckbill platypus. See more »

  • Elephant Shrew

    Elephant Shrew

    Elephant Shrew is a family of small mammals found in Africa. The family is made up of four genera and about 15 species. See more »

  • Hedgehog


    Hedgehog, or Urchin is a small insect-eating mammal related to the mole and shrew. Of the 15 species of hedgehogs, most are found in Europe is asia is and Africa. See more »

  • Sloth


    Sloth is an extremely slow-moving mammal native to the forests of Central and South America. See more »

  • The Ultimate Mole Quiz

    The Ultimate Mole Quiz

    If you have unsightly ridges and hills in your yard, you may have a mole. The mole can ruin your garden by cutting off the root systems of your plants and grass. Take this quiz to learn more about the subversive mole. See more »

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