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Reptiles are beautiful creatures that have evolved since the beginning of time. Check out these articles about all kinds of unique reptiles.

How to Feed Baby Turtles

If you have a pet baby turtle, you surely want to know how and what to feed it. This article will tell you how to feed baby turtles.

The Real Reason Turtles Have Shells (Hint, It's Not for Protection)

Why do turtles really have shells? HowStuffWorks Now looks at how turtle shells evolved, with the help of a new study. See more »

How to Feed Baby Turtles

Do you know how to feed baby turtles? Find out how to feed baby turtles in this article from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Can a turtle outgrow its shell?

Turtle shells help protect the reptiles from predators and allow some to move quickly through the water. Find out if a turtle can out grow a its shell. See more »