Dinosaur Encyclopedia

A Triceratops is chased by two Tyrannosaurs. See more dinosaur pictures.
Joseph Tucciarone

The distant thundering sounds signal the arrival of some of the largest animals ever to have roamed the earth. A herd of Brachiosaurus arrive to trample every plant they don't eat. The sounds also let an Allosaurus know that its next meal could be arriving. Though Allosaurus has no chance of catching and killing a healthy adult Brachiosaurus, it could try to separate a young or sick member from the herd.

It isn't hard to imagine this scene even though dinosaurs haven't walked the earth for millions of years. Dinosaurs have captured our imaginations. The Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs has been written to lead you into the exciting world of dinosaur research and back to the "Age of Dinosaurs." So start your adventure at the beginning of the book when humans first found dinosaur bones.