It isn't hard to imagine the world full of dinosaurs, even though these extinct animals haven't walked the earth for millions of years. Learn all about dinosaurs, including early dinosaur discoveries, dinosaur fossils, and dinosaur extinction.

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Nigersaurus: The 'Mesozoic Cow' With More Than 500 Teeth

Known by the nickname "Mesozoic Cow," the African dinosaur Nigersaurus taqueti has also had its face compared to a vacuum cleaner.

Meet Archaeopteryx, a Feathered Dino With Wings and Teeth

Fossils of just 12 individual Archaeopteryx, a winged dinosaur that live during the Jurassic, have ever been found. Aside from the rarity, what else makes this unique dinosaur so special?

Tyrannosaurus Rex Was the Tyrant Lizard King

Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the fiercest meat-eaters ever, is the animal that probably springs to mind when most of us hear the word "dinosaur."

Ankylosaurus: A Tank-like Herbivore With a Killer Club Tail

Ankylosaurus was a dinosaur with short, squat legs that allowed it to run at about 6 miles per hour – fast, but not fast enough to outrun a large carnivorous predator like Tyrannosaurus rex.

Stegosaurus: Body Like a Bus, Tiny Little Brain

Stegosaurus, an herbivorous dinosaur from 149 million years ago, walked on four legs, had a long, beak-tipped skull, a row of spikes adorning its tail and a pea-sized brain.

Triceratops: Facts About the Life and Times of a Three-horned Dinosaur

Triceratops — which literally means "three-horned face" — is one of the most spectacular and well-known of all dinosaurs. It shared the Cretaceous landscape with, and probably was preyed upon by, Tyrannosaurus rex.

Giganotosaurus Was One of the Largest Carnivorous Dinosaurs That Ever Lived

Constantly compared to the Tyrannosaurus rex, the Giganotosaurus was one of a handful of dinosaurs that rivaled, or possibly exceeded, the creature in size.

Spinosaurus Was a Lousy Swimmer, Study Says

The villainous dinosaur from 'Jurassic Park' probably never had an affinity for water.

Who Owns the Rights to a Dinosaur Skeleton?

Someone just paid $2.36 million to take home an exquisite dinosaur skeleton. The sale has added to the growing scientific anxiety about the commodification of precious, irreplaceable fossils.

Today’s Birds Likely Evolved from Ground-Dwelling Feathered Dinosaurs

New research suggests the asteroid impact that killed the dinosaurs probably burned Earth's forests, requiring modern birds' common ancestors to live on the ground.

Possible 'Baby' T. Rex Enters Dinosaurian Debate

University of Kansas paleontologists are comparing the bones of a new T. rex to determine if they've got a juvenile Tyrannosaurus or a mature Nanotyrannus on their hands.

Rare Egyptian Fossil Find Holds Clues About African Dinosaur Migration

Could this exciting find help bridge the gaps between Africa's late Cretaceous fossil record and that of other continents?

Scientists Unearth Another Archaeopteryx, an 'Icon of Evolution'

The fossilized find provides us with another example of the oldest bird species we know of.

Nearly Complete Tyrannosaur Skeleton Found in Utah

The American Southwest was once prime tyrannosaur country, as a newfound skeleton reminds us.

Velociraptors Likely Hunted Solo, Despite Pop Culture Depiction

Scientists are at odds about whether Velociraptors worked together to take down their prey.

Why Did the T. Rex Have Such Puny Arms?

Tyrannosaurus rex was a giant predator that roamed the earth, so why did it have such tiny arms?

Why Won't Hollywood Depict Dinosaurs With Feathers?

Scientists generally agree that dinosaurs sported colorful, feather-like plumage. So do moviemakers lack imagination, or do audiences?

World's Largest Dinosaur Footprints Discovered in Australia

The colossal footprints of an herbivorous dinosaur found in western Australia might belong to the biggest dinosaur ever.

Dinosaur Eggs Took Months to Hatch, Perhaps Contributing to Dino Doom

Based on some baby dinosaur teeth, scientists have figured out just how long dinosaur eggs incubated. (The answer? Long. Too long.)

New Dinosaur Species Sported Uniquely Spiked Shield

Spiclypeus shipporum was a dinosaur that roamed Montana 76 million years ago, and its unique horn structures set it apart from other horned dinos.

Nutritious Dino Poop Greased the Wheels for Dung Beetle Evolution

Nature is one big interconnected system. Learn how flowers and dinosaurs helped the dung beetle appear on the planet.

Baby Titanosaurs Hatched With Adult Proportions, Still Pretty Darn Cute

A new analysis of Rapetosaurus fossils can shed light on how certain dinosaurs socialized and evolved.

Discovery of Horse-sized Dinosaur Sheds Light on T. Rex Evolution

The new dino discovery of Timurlengia euotica in Uzbekistan shows that Tyrannosaurus rex ancestors evolved smarts before they got large and took charge.