Top 10 Shark Attack Stories


Barry Wilson

A great white collects food in South Africa.
A great white collects food in South Africa.
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­Barry Wilson's case is notable because he was the first recorded shark attack victim in California history and because of the many eyewitness accounts of the attack. It was on Dec. 7, 1952, that the17-year-old tuba player was killed in the Pacific Ocean near Lover's Point in Pacific Grove, Calif. Wilson was swimming with a friend about 40 feet from shore in roughly 30 feet of water. One eyewitness saw Wilson jerk suddenly and unnaturally from side-to-side. Wilson screamed, drawing the attention of his fellow swimmers, including his close friend, Brookner Brady. Witnesses then reported seeing the shark attack Wilson from the front, completely lifting him from the water to his knees. He was then dragged under, before reappearing in a pool of blood, screaming and flailing his arms. Brady and four members of the Monterey Peninsula Sea Otters, a skin diving club, swam to his aid. They managed to get Wilson onto an inner tube and fought for 30 minutes to get him through the rough surf and back to the beach with the shark following them the entire time. Sadly, wounds to Wilson's left leg, right thigh, back and buttocks were too severe -- he died by the time they reached the shore.

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