10 Great Cat Breeds for Kids


You've likely seen Siamese cats in Walt Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" (Remember the song, "We are Siamese"?) These long, slender-necked, extremely shorthaired cats appear lean and dignified, almost self-righteous -- but they make good family pets. Their big ears may draw your attention first, but it's their blue, almond-shaped eyes that will hold it [source: Cat Fanciers Association].

As the most popular shorthaired breed in the United States, the Siamese cat utilizes its slender body to communicate a variety of gestures and facial expressions. Not that they won't vocalize; the Siamese breed is legendary for keeping up a meowing dialogue with its owners [source: Cat Fanciers Association]. They're also gluttons for attention and capable of developing strong and loyal relationships with family members [source: Taylor]. Sometimes shy, Siamese cats might take time getting comfortable initially.

This breed is a curious one, and it's not uncommon for the Siamese cat to need to know exactly what its owners are up to [source: Cat Fanciers Association]. As with most outdoors-loving cats, adding one to the home poses the potential to raise your kids' activity level. And like their appetite for affection, this breed's appetite for chow is big, too.

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